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At Aegis Construction, we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality services using only the finest materials. Our team of experts offers expert consulting at competitive prices, ensuring that our clients receive the most significant value for their investment. Trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Pre-Construction Consulting

We offer a comprehensive range of pre-construction services to ensure the successful outcome of your project through expert guidance and support.

Budget Development and Validation

We ensure that the budget is aligned with the project goals and objectives and rigorously validated to ensure feasibility and accuracy.

Constructability Reviews

We conduct thorough reviews to identify potential issues that may arise during construction, minimize change orders, reduce costs, and improve overall quality.


Permit Assistance

We work closely with relevant authorities to streamline the plan review and permit issuance process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and codes.


Program Reviews

We conduct comprehensive assessments of program area square footage against industry standards to ensure that the project is optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Pre-Construction Scheduling and Administration

We create predesign and design schedules to ensure accountability among team members and that the project is completed on time and within budget.


RFP Development

We create proposal requests for multiple services required for project construction, ensuring that all necessary services are included in the scope of work.


RFP Response Analysis

We thoroughly examine and evaluate RFP responses, providing expert assistance in evaluating proposals and selecting the best team members for the job.


Bidding Strategy Recommendations

We provide expert recommendations for bidding on multiple project portions, ensuring that the most cost-effective and efficient strategies are employed.


Escalation Studies

We use available information to anticipate cost changes before and during construction, ensuring that the project remains within budget.


Cost Modeling

We develop a cost model for critical construction components, enabling ‘what-if’ comparisons and ensuring that the most cost-effective options are chosen.


Life-Cycle Costing

We factor in the cost of materials and systems over time, considering operating costs and initial outlays to ensure that the most cost-effective options are chosen for the long term.